Locusts on the Horizon


Is Another Great Depression Coming? Experts Say “YES”!

Is your family prepared? 

Locusts on the Horizon is much more than simply another prepper book, it is the best and most complete book of its kind giving you over 1,000 pages of vital information on how to prep for any catastrophe.

This exhaustive work uses facts, history, and actual events as a guide to show you what to expect from an economic depression and how any average family can meet the challenges. Traditional “prepping” philosophies tend to focus on escaping to a prepared retreat in the countryside. Most American middle class families, are only three missing paychecks away from financial disaster and they simply cannot afford a rural retreat.

No matter what your economic status, Locusts on the Horizon gives your family an affordable plan of action to survive. With a few basic preparations and some planning done right now, anyone of any income level can weather the coming crisis. This can position you to survive, adapt, and thrive in the face of whatever the future holds.

Locusts on the Horizon Project – The Affordable Preparedness Plan

**Can be read with free reader software from Amazon on any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. It can also be read online through any browser via Amazon’s Kindle Cloud.

7 thoughts on “Locusts on the Horizon

    • You don’t have to read it online, you can download it to your PC, tablet, or smartphone and read it with free software.

      We are shopping around for a printing outfit to produce on a hard copy, but due to printing expenses and the sheer size of the book, we estimate that the retail price of a hard copy will be somewhere between 10x and 17x the current cost of the eBook version.

  1. I understand why you released in e-book first due to cost but now that you know it’s a success please print us the book even if it’s $150.00 I don’t care and I think others will feel the same at least let me print it but a book is what I want a book as thick as a chemistry book would be great I can’t wait

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