The Family Survival Gun

With the majority of the US population now financially stressed and millions attempting to prepare themselves to face an uncertain future, this book answers an important question, “What to do if a family can only afford one firearm?”

The Family Survival Gun zeroes in on the primary firearm a family should own if they can afford no other. It is a deep, focused look at the sole firearm a family really needs to own and why. The book then focuses upon that one firearm, how to use it, how to keep it running, repaired, and fed with ammunition indefinitely.

The Family Survival Gun is both a standalone work, and an expansion upon our foundational publication, Locusts on the Horizon. Reading Locusts on the Horizon is not a prerequisite to reading this book however; previous readers of Locusts on the Horizon will recognize a small portion of the information presented in this book. There is also a tremendous amount of additional information.

The Family Survival Gun will also be offered as an 8.5 by 11 book but will be a soft cover.  The final printed version will be approximately 200 pages

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