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The book is designed to be a complete reference manual for surviving an economic/societal collapse. I read books of this genre all the time. This one is at the top of the heap. If you liked the non-fiction works from Mat Stein, Jim Rawles, and FerFal, you’ll like this one as well. I believe it is actually better than any other book of its type.

It is a great reference manual at a great price. It should be purchased and read by everyone who anticipates social unrest or economic difficulties in the future.

AndyJ from

Locusts on the Horizon ($2.99) was particularly interesting to me because the authors chose to deviate from the accepted prepper mentality that is sweeping the nation right now. Most of us have a few bucks in a savings account (maybe) and a few hundred bucks left over at the end of the month at best. The Prepper Folks say we need Bug Out locations and underground bunkers and food stock for years and imposing arsenals if we are to even have a hope of surviving the coming Pocky Lips. Well, good neighbors, where are those multi-thousand dollars s’posed to come from? If you go to the Banksters and borrow the money for your off the grid ranchito and 4×4 Chevy, the foreclosure folks and repo man are just gonna come after you when the crap hits the fan.

The authors of the book talk at length about this and they chose to look at real life concerns instead. What if you don’t have a shit ton of money? What if you are living mostly paycheck to paycheck and your job security ain’t all that spiffy? What if you are upside down on your house? Or waiting for the Sheriff to show up any day with the eveiction notice? The growing sub-class of the former middle-class suburbanities are the nomads. Nomadic lifestyles have been around for centuries and they still thrive. Genghis Khan and his Mongols were nomads and they are still around today. The Gypsies of Europe are nomads. The American Indians were, for the most part, nomads. Miss Kathy, Tuco the Dog and me are nomads.

Greg on GoodReads

This is the single best prepper/economic collapse survival manual that is currently on the market. If printed out, it would be 1100 pages! Each of those pages is packed full of valuable information.

The Daily Dan

***If you are concerned that things may end up going bad, very bad, you owe it to yourself to get this and read it.

I’m not a electronic book fan, as it’s only out for the Kindle. But it’s worth it. One of the best sources of real life information I’ve read to date. @ $2.99 it’s a steal for all the info they have put together.

It’s available on any kindle reader, or app for computers or smart phones.



Amazon Customer Reviews

5 STARS – Excellent Book, One of the Best on the Subject
By Bepreparedalways

Very practical guide, many books are quite theoretical, but not “Locusts”. Gives you something to think about on topics not covered, or not covered well by others; the sections on airguns and the nomadic lifestyle are just two of many well written sections not always covered adequately elsewhere. Anyone interested in preparedness must read this book.

5 STARS – Great!
By Bill Wisner

This is not a novel. This book is an outstanding textbook for anyone who wants to prepare in the event of an emergency where they might have to be mobile. Worth every penny.

5 STARS – A practical guide for our times
By Robert Poston

Let’s face it, no matter how you cut it we are living in a time of great social and economic uncertainty. Many state and local governments are on the brink of default and our federal government is borrowing and spending like there is no tomorrow. At some point it’s going to lead to financial train wreck. What sets book apart from all of the others writing on the subject of preparedness is that this team of researchers and authors have specifically focused on things that the average blue collar citizen can do to prepare for the rough times ahead.

The authors use hard facts to make their case and then they proceed to take the reader step by step through a practical process of preparing for the uncertain future that we all face. All of their efforts are focused with a careful eye toward the realistic budget constraints of the average citizen. You will not find a recommendation to buy a bunch of firearms and go hide in the hills. That isn’t practical for anyone. Instead you will find a fact filled book with tons of practical advice. The sheer depth and breadth of the subjects that this writing team has managed to cram in one book is simply amazing. On this point alone purchasing this book is a no-brainer. Plus, if you are history buff like me, you are going learn a lot of scary and fascinating facts that you didn’t read about in school. Get the book, you won’t be disappointed.

5 STARS – Great Value, Actionable Information
By Richard L Gaskin

I’ve been reading survival writing since Mel Tappan had a column in Guns and Ammo, so I expected this inexpensive e-book to be 40 pages and maybe have a new idea or two. I was pleasantly surprised to find great amount of actionable information. The writers make a strong case that the US government will not go away with an economic collapse — they are the most prepared group out there. Law and order will remain, perhaps even in excess. However, some areas of the country will do better than others, just as the economy’s in North Dakota and Texas are doing well now. The authors posit that the best, and most affordable, way to survive an economic collapse is to be able to travel and live a mobile lifestyle, moving to opportunity or to safety as needed. Most of the book covers how to live the mobile lifestyle while providing food, lodging, communications, and security. Even if you don’t buy the mobile concept, this book has a lot of useful information.

5 STARS – Worthwhile read
By Greg W.

It contains far more information than I ever expected, and almost all of it is very relevant. I am very impressed.

5 STARS – While we are here
By OraLee Kirkham

A great book for these end times, however, to understand why it is so great a read, one should also read; The end of America by John Price.

4 STARS – Historical perspective on the current economic realities
By simba teacher

I enjoyed the multiple references to historical events that parallel today’s economic realities. The authors have done a good job of gathering specific information to assist individuals who want to know what can be done to meet future possibilities that may be faced by everyone. The inclusion of the historical information helps in discussions with family members who are not convinced that future difficulties may be closer than they realize. Anyone who is concerned with what is happening in our economy will want to know of this valuable resource to help themselves and other family members get ready to weather the storms on the horizon.

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    • It’s available in Kindle Format, which is a MOBI format (modified HTML) with Amazon’s DRM (copy protection), you can download it to your PC, tablet, or smartphone and read it with free software.

      We are shopping around for a printing outfit to produce on a hard copy, but due to printing expenses and the sheer size of the book, we estimate that the retail price of a hard copy will be somewhere between 10x and 17x the current cost of the eBook version.

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