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This is the official Blog of the Locusts on the Horizon Project.

The Locusts on the Horizon Project is devoted to reaching those who are unprepared for the coming economic crisis or natural disasters. Our goal is to define an affordable preparedness plan to those who cannot afford a retreat in the country, one that also allows families to remain intact and to thrive rather than merely survive. We believe this can be done without adopting an entirely new lifestyle and without investing a life savings. We are the three-year collaboration of a group of people who have been involved in preparation, finance, military service, law enforcement, nomadic living, shooting sports, outdoor pursuits, and technology. There will never be a sole author of our publications, we aggregate the views of many writers into a single collection of work so that all information is vetted by a group.

You can contact us via email: locustsonthehorizon@outlook.com

Our first major product towards that goal was our first book, Locusts on the Horizon, available as an eBook from Amazon.

The goal of Locusts on the Horizon is much more than simply another prepper book. This exhaustive work uses facts, history, and actual events as a guide to show you what to expect from an economic depression and how any average family can meet the challenges.

Our second major product is The Family Survival Gun, also available as an eBook from Amazon.

The Family Survival Gun zeroes in on the primary firearm a family should own if they can afford no other. It is a deep, focused look at the sole firearm a family really needs to own and why. The book then focuses upon that one firearm, how to use it, how to keep it running, repaired, and fed with ammunition indefinitely.

The Family Survival Gun is both a standalone work, and an expansion upon our foundational publication, Locusts on the Horizon, with a significant amount of fresh information.


11 thoughts on “About The Project

  1. We plan on doing more projects including a video. We have no one single location; the members of Plan B who worked the book are actually in multiple states.

  2. Are you planning on releasing a non e-book of this? I have no intention of purchasing a kindle or any other kind of e-reader. I would love to read the book, but only want it in hard copy book form. Let me know.


    • You don’t need to purchase an e-reader. If you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can download the Kindle software for free from Amazon. You can also read it online through your web browser via the Kindle Cloud.

      The link for the free Kindle software is here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771

      We do plan on eventually producing a printed paper version of the book, but it will be WAY more expensive than the $2.99 cost of the eBook version. Keep in mind that this book is 244,000 words long, that is almost half the length of Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. However, unlike a novel, a non-fiction, informative book with graphics, cannot be printed on the lower quality paper that novels often are. So, it will be significantly more expensive.

      With the eBook version, not only can we offer it to people at a very low price, and instantly, we can also update it and have Amazon then offer free updates to readers.

  3. I am currently reading this on my kindle and finding it hard to put down! I just want to recommend to everyone, read this and get prepared! Many thanks to the writers for putting this together and out there for a minimal cost!!! Thanks again!!!

  4. I think it is awful that you only offer an ebook. It is a survival book! What if there is no power? The whole point is to have this “reference” information for an emergency and you do not allow it. I and a lot of other people want this as an off the grid solution!

    Very disappointed!

    • Keep in mind that a hard copy, print version of Locusts on the Horizon will be about the same size and thickness of a college chemistry or calculus textbook, and due to printing costs, WAY more expensive than the eBook version.

      Right now, Locusts on the Horizon is still only available as an eBook. There are several reasons for this, and one of which is that it makes the book affordable to anyone and everyone. As an eBook, a book the size of ‘Locusts on the Horizon’ can be sold for a fraction of the price of what a printed version would cost. Being a Kindle eBook also allows us to dynamically update and revise the book, and then push out any updates or revisions for free to those who already have the book.

      However, several people have asked us for a hard copy, and we are working towards making it happen.

      Due to the sheer size of the book, 246,000 words on the latest revision (free update from Amazon coming for all past customers), it’s going to be considerably more expensive than the eBook version.

      The logistics of putting together a printing of a hard copy book as large as this is significant.

      For example: Laid out in MS Word with full size 8.5″x11″ pages, the current revision of ‘Locusts on the Horizon’ is 1,185 pages long. The Defense section alone, at 407 pages in 8.5″x11″ format, is larger than most survival and prepper books devoted just to guns, much larger if you adjust for formatting (most print books in this genre use a smaller page size than 8.5″x11″). If you adjust for formatting, the Defense section of ‘Locusts on the Horizon’ is larger than the 34 year old classic, ‘Survival Guns’ by Mel Tappan, and that is a thick book. ‘Locusts on the Horizon’ is almost half the length of Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’, and ‘Atlas Shrugged’ didn’t have photos and illustrations, allowing it be mass produced in a less expensive style that what a hard copy of ‘Locusts on the Horizon’ needs to be.

      So, for a rough idea of how big a printed version of ‘Locusts on the Horizon’ would be, take a look at a full sized, college level chemistry textbook. That is the size of what we are dealing with here. If anyone has priced a full sized, college level chemistry textbook lately, brace for sticker shock, and that is what were are trying to mitigate to make it as affordable as possible.

      Like the eBook version of ‘Locusts on the Horizon’, we want to make it as inexpensive as possible. However, the cost of the actual printing will determine the price of the hard copy version of the book, and we are still shopping around for the best solution for that.

      Check in on our Facebook page and/or our website from time to time. Any announcements for a hard copy of the book will be posted in both places first.

      In the meantime, use the eBook version till a print version is ready. Everyone should also keep in mind that just because you are off grid doesn’t mean you have to be without any electrical power. We talk about that in the book. Two of the advantages of eBooks are the lower cost and infinitely lower weight. With a laptop, tablet, or portable eReader you can have access to a personal library, that if in print, would be far to heavy and large too even transport easily with a large truck. Books take up space and they are heavy, and for that reason in ‘Locusts on the Horizon’ we intentionally tried to keep the number of printed, hard copy book recommendations to a minimum of what was needed for a family’s preparations.

  5. Some of us really need the hard copy. My computer is too big to put into a Bug Out Bag and weighs too much to get very far. I do not have a “smart” phone or compatible e-reader. There are no other choices I can see. Give me a price for the hard copy and I will pay to have it.


    • We are an independent operation, not backed by a big publisher. So, we had to see if ‘Locusts on the Horizon’ would be a success before making decisions on things like hard copies and other matters. This project has to be self-sustaining in order to move forward. The dynamic market in book publishing now is eBooks, with Kindle the dominant format, and that is why the initial release has been a Kindle eBook.

      ‘Locusts on the Horizon’ is now becoming a huge success story at high speed. So, everyone have patience, more good things are enroute, including more books.

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