America’sTunnel People

As the Federal Government plays ‘creative bookkeeping’ with the unemployment figures, even more families plunged into poverty during the past year and now there are estimated to be over one million homeless school children. Meanwhile, the Federal Government will spend over $1 Billion this year on the air travel, luxury vacations, and lavish parties of the President and his family.

Across the country, thousands of unprepared Americans who have been thrown into homelessness are seeking shelter in the warrens of tunnels beneath America’s cities. These are drainage tunnels, abandoned subway lines, old utility tunnels, etc. Under the streets of Las Vegas alone there are 200 miles of drainage tunnels with an estimated 1,000 inhabitants. Many of these inhabitants are entire families, including those with infants. The same is happening in tunnels under other American cities, such as New York and Kansas City.

Michael Snyder, author of the novel ‘The Beginning of the End’, wrote an excellent article about this on his blog at the following link.

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