All Garden Hoes Are Not Created Equal

Gardens are important, and one of your most important garden tools is a hoe. If you garden a lot, odds are you will use your hoe a lot. Buffalo Bird Woman used one made out of an animal’s shoulder blade for much of her youth (she was 19 before her family even had a metal cooking pot). Unfortunately, many of the ones you find at the garden center of places like Home Depot or the hardware store are cheaply made in places like China. You need to be selective to finding a fairly good one.

For those who get super-serious about their hoe, there is the ‘Garden Grubber’ a design tough enough they use a version of it for firefighting crews.

However, on YouTube is one of our favorite channels, a guy who posts by the name ‘wranglerstar’ and he decided to make his own industrial grade hoe, and he did a magnificent job, though it does look a tad heavy. You can watch his video at the following link:



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