GEAR UPDATE – .22LR adapters

For survival and long term self-sufficiency use we view the .22LR  to 12ga 2-3/4″ rifled adapter to be a very useful piece of gear. Our recommendation on this piece of gear has now changed from the Short Lane rifled ‘Zombie’ adapter to the slightly more expensive ($50 vs $40) rifled 2-3/4″ .22LR to 12ga ‘Pocket Sportsman’ model adapter made by GaugeMate.

GaugeMate guarantees their rifled 2-3/4″ ‘Pocket Sportsman’ model adapter to work in a 12ga pump shotgun. GaugeMate carries a wide line of adapters, the best selection of any manufacturer, and they have a lot of experience making adapters. Their adapters are slightly more expensive, but its worth it. They stand by their product and they are well made.

We had an older Short Lane 2-3/4″ .22LR to 12ga rifled ‘Zombie’ adapter that worked, and it was $10 less than the competition so it gained our recommendation. However, recently for an upcoming project, we bought a brand new updated one with the O-Ring and the thumbnail notch, and it is getting 4 misfires out of every 5 rounds.

When we brought the matter up to Short Lane, they handled the matter only by saying that they only intend their adapters to be used in break actions. This was in spite of the fact that the adapter easily fits in a pump action and we were using it as a manual single shot in a weapon that fires the exact same ammunition as a break action.

Hence we can no longer recommend the Short Lane .22LR rifled Zombie adapter for use in a pump shotgun, and updates to the books will be edited as such.